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The Broken Window Fallacy

19 novembre 2010

See it on the new blog here


From → ECONOMIA, Mises, vs Keynes

3 commenti
  1. Chris M permalink

    Nonsense. The shopkeeper will lose because people will be fearful of getting out of their houses in case they are caught up in violence. Whether perception or not, people will find themselves not going to the poor shopkeeper’s shop incase it happens again.
    Of course people could rise up and make a stand but they won’t and the police won’t do anything.
    The above may be a little far fetched but it’s a damn site closer to reality than the “lesson” above…

  2. nome permalink

    The video just says that jobs should come from people and not the government. I don’t think that that’s much of a fallacy. I mean, the video said that jobs could’ve come from the people… but didn’t jobs come from the government, too? umm


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